Marine Biology

This course investigates marine habitats including oceans, bays, estuaries, and intertidal zones, focusing primarily on the eastern United States. Students will learn about marine ecosystems and the organisms that inhabit them, with noted emphasis on the strategies and adaptations that enhance survival. Attention will be paid to factors threatening marine environments including pollution, climate change, urban development, and tourism. Students will learn through direct instruction, group work, scientific investigations, and field studies of marine environments. Overnight trips are likely to Barnegat Bay and Island Beach State Park. Trip fees could be applied to cover costs.

Students who enroll in this course are expected to work collaboratively and cooperatively with classmates. They should anticipate making presentations to the class and conducting a marine biology research project. Outdoor work along the shoreline is expected and students need to be able to walk, dig, carry, and lift materials.

(This course will not be offered in 2024-25.)

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-1.0