Middle Eastern History Seminar

This course studies the cultural, political, diplomatic, and socio-economic history of the Middle East and North Africa from the rise of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam through the Crusades, the Ottoman Empire, Western Imperialism, the Birth of the State of Israel, and the Arab Spring. Major themes will include religion, nationalism, ethnic cleansing, terrorism, civil disobedience, refugee studies, despotism, fundamentalism, Orientalism, tribalism and sexual politics. Texts for the course will include college-level historiography as well as readings from Sources in the History of the Modern Middle East, selected primary source documents, transcripts of Oxford Union and Doha debates, the Quran, Bible and Talmud. These readings will be supplemented with the region’s major literature, film, music, art, and everyday life culture, as well as virtual conversations with journalists, activists, and historians in the tradition of true global education.

(Not offered in 2021-22)

Open to: Sophomores, juniors, and seniors