Navajo Culture & Spirituality (in Arizona)

In this combined course and immersion trip, students will explore the history of the Dine reservation with a survey of history beginning with the pre-Columbus era to the present, including key periods and events like the Spanish Era, Mexican Era, beginning of the reservation, and Navajo Code Talkers. Students will also explore the environmental and health impacts of Uranium mining in the area. Culture and religion will be included as a key component of historical understanding, focusing on traditional Dine foods, art in traditional forms such as weaving, jewelry making, pottery, clothing, etc., as well as spirituality and ceremonies and the examination of the Dine Hozho wellness philosophy, “Living in Health, Harmony and Beauty.” Students will travel to the Navajo Nation in June, complete service work in an educational setting and learn more about the history and culture of the area through direct experience.

This course meets for one arrangement in Term 7 and is followed by a trip to Arizona in June.

Students earn 1 credit in religions and fulfill their service requirement. IB students will be able to use this experience for their CAS project. This course is cross-listed as REL880A (Religions). This domestic-travel course requires parental consent.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-1.0