Peruvian Past and Culture

In this combined course and immersion trip, students experience the richness of Peruvian culture, from the beginning of its history as the oldest civilization in the Americas to its modern-day reputation for world-renowned cuisine. The evolution of Peruvian culture reflects its vast geographic diversity: “la sierra,” “la selva,” y “la costa.” The course includes a historical overview, the study of indigenous communities, Peruvian literature, contemporary culture, environmental issues, and the development of sociocultural competence in preparation for a meaningful in-country immersion experience. This course meets for one arrangement in Term 7 and is followed by a trip to Peru in June.

Students earn 1 credit in language. This course is cross-listed as SPA820P (Language). A travel-abroad course, it requires parental consent.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-1.0