Producing Peace: Civic Media Literacy & Production

This course will equip students with 21st century media literacy skills necessary to be critical consumers and active producers of media so that they may productively engage in civic dialogue and global citizenship. Specifically, students will learn and apply the five core concepts of media literacy, which will help students understand who is making the media and why, what the media wants you to do and feel, and how it accomplishes those ends. Using historical and contemporary case studies of media, such as historical artifacts, news articles, documentaries, podcasts, PSAs, propaganda, social media, and memes, students will explore how various modes of storytelling have the capacity to create conflict, and more importantly, can also facilitate peace. In line with Quaker core values, this class will be framed around the query: How can I use media to improve the world in which I live? To explore this query, students will learn how to produce their own media through a series of projects that will demonstrate how media can be used as a tool that produces greater empathy, compassion, and justice in our world.

This course is cross-listed and can be taken for either arts or history department credit.