Service Learning Projects

Through extending themselves to others, students develop a sense of commitment; learn the potential rewards and frustrations involved in service; learn how specific agencies, cultures, and institutions operate; develop an appreciation for complex social support networks; and gain insight into their own values and life goals. Sixty-five hours of service are required of all George School students during junior or senior year. Service learning projects vary from intense, two-week experiences in a school-sponsored, domestic or international service project, to once-a-week experiences that extend throughout the school year, to preapproved independent projects. Service learning projects may be completed during the school year or over the summer. Each project must take the form of direct interaction with people who are disempowered because of social, racial, economic, or health factors. School-sponsored trips can accommodate limited numbers and require an application and screening process. Students are expected to submit proposals for most service projects well in advance of the project date. Each student is required to write a reflective journal that documents personal growth and understanding of the service experience. Some service learning projects have supplementary reading to orient students to the population being served.