Sex, Death & Pirates

Sex, death, and pirates—and those are just a few of the elements in Hamlet. Shakespeare is classical literature and often considered high brow, elitist, and even inaccessible. But it’s also bawdy, irreverent, and just plain funny, even for the Snapchat crowd. Interested in learning about minced oaths and how to “talk dirty” in Shakespearean language? Want to see the original example of “ghosting” someone?

This one-mod course offers an in-depth study of a single Shakespeare play, allowing students to focus on the nuances of Shakespearean language and to consider the application of its themes to contemporary social and cultural matters of our time. Skills practiced will include close reading and analysis, introductory work with secondary sources, discussion, oral presentation, and formal analytical writing, and assessments will include reading checks/quizzes, a brief oral presentation, and a critical essay.

(This course will not be offered in 2023-24.)

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-1.0