Wind Ensemble

This is a course in musicianship for players of wind and percussion instruments. Through the preparation and performance of instrumental music, students learn elements of style, expression, ensemble technique, music theory, history of music, and music literature. The role of the performer and his or her responsibility to the composer, the audience, and fellow performers are ongoing themes in this class. A varied repertoire, ranging from Renaissance music to modern compositions, is performed not only by the full orchestra, but also by various smaller chamber ensembles. Each student will participate in at least three different ensembles within this single class. To participate, a student must demonstrate familiarity with his or her instrument; read music fluently; and have a working understanding of key signatures, basic rhythm patterns, and meter. There are occasional evening and weekend rehearsals and performances. Students also take field trips and attend off-campus performances.

With permission from the department, a student may prepare for an IB Music exam by taking Wind Ensemble in both 11th and 12th grades while doing additional independent work.

Open to: Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors