Woodworking & Design

In the introductory mod of this course, students learn how to work with and maintain a variety of traditional hand woodworking tools. Each student designs and builds a small box using traditional joinery techniques. In subsequent mods, students also learn to use power tools safely and to design and build an original piece of furniture. The class includes trips to museums, local studios, and the Philadelphia Furniture Show. Students have opportunities to exhibit their work in area shows. We also work with a local sawmill operator with a portable sawmill to continue the long tradition of milling, stacking, and drying wood from fallen campus trees for use in the program.

Students may take the first mod of this course as an introduction to woodworking, with the second and third mods taken the following year if desired. Students in grade 9 may only enroll in the first mod of this course.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-3.0