Coastal Ecology (in Belize)

This course is cross-listed as MUL990C (Extradisciplinary). See MUL990C (Extradisciplinary) in the Extradisciplinary section of the catalog for description.    

South Africa: Art, Ecology & Social Justice

This course is cross-listed as MUL990S (Extradisciplinary) and ARV990S (Arts). See the course description for MUL990S (Extradisciplinary) in the Extradisciplinary section of the catalog. Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-1.0

Independent Science Research

This non-traditional course provides the student who enrolls the opportunity to further develop a keen interest in science through cooperation with a mentor and the coordinating George School teacher. Students who enroll must identify and…

Human Anatomy and Physiology

This course takes a holistic and applied approach to introducing students to the structure and function of the systems in the human body. The course relies heavily on laboratory activities, as well as discussions that…

Cognitive Neurology

This course is designed to study how we, as humans, acquire skills and knowledge thanks to brain plasticity and synaptic pruning. It looks at our neural networks from an evolutionary perspective. On a more fundamental…

Science & Literature

This course is cross-listed as MUL430L (Extradisciplinary) and ENG550C (English). See MUL430L (Extradisciplinary) in the Extradisciplinary section of the catalog for description. Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-1.0

Environmental Justice

In this course, students explore the relationship of exposure to environmental degradation and health risks to socioeconomic status and communities of color. Various issues of investigation include topics in rural, urban, local, domestic, and international…

Animal Behavior

This single mod course is designed to introduce students to the major topics in animal behavior, or ethology, from a sociobiological point of view. It familiarizes students with some general non-human behaviors such as territoriality,…

IB SL Environmental Systems

This lab-driven, interdisciplinary course prepares students for the IB Environmental Systems & Societies exam. Students use systems thinking to explore ecosystems, energy and nutrient transformations, population dynamics, biodiversity, and the issues of climate change and…
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