George School Day Camp Presents Annual Variety Show

George School Day Camp goes beyond kayaking down the Neshaminy Creek and ziplining in the trees on our beautiful, 240-acre campus. Our campers presented a showcase of group performances to favorite songs at the annual GSDC Variety Show. Campers from 4 to 14 shared their own artistry and delight in being on stage.

Campers practiced during drama sessions in Walton Theater where they learned dance routines and theater skills for the show. Each group performed to popular songs by artists like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus. When not performing, campers sat socially distanced in the audience, cheering on their friends as they took the stage.

At the end of every performance, each group was asked about their favorite parts of the camp day. When asked, many campers shared their love of playing street hockey and GaGa, and most importantly, making new friends.

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