George School Expands Summer Enrichment and Academic Programs

Have you ever wanted to study marine sciences, landmark Supreme Court cases, journalism, or robotics? If you are a George School student, you are in luck. These new academic and enrichment programs were added to the online summer study program. Classes start in early July and end no later than August 17.

Marine Sciences: Investigate a vast array of ocean life including marine mammals, sharks, sea turtles, game fish, and mysterious deep-sea creatures. Use real-time data to track great white sharks and students will have the opportunity to interact with marine science experts in the field via Zoom and/or Teams. The course features virtual field trips, do-at-home labs and activities, scientific readings and discussions, and digital student presentations. Instructor: Bob Fest. Tuition: $645. Students earn one semester science credit.

Landmark Supreme Court Cases: Study eight seminal Supreme Court cases and the ramifications of each ruling. Synchronous class discussions form the basis of this class, with some additional reading required in preparation for each discussion. Students will talk with a leading attorney who has argued several cases in front of the Supreme Court, including the upcoming Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. Instructor Rebecca Missonis. Tuition: $400. This is an enrichment course.

Journalism: Explore the elements of journalism including the “new” roles of journalists, reporting/sourcing, and writing creative nonfiction. Students will improve skills in writing, research, critical thinking, and media editing. Their work will be published in Curious George, George School’s student newspaper. Instructor: Kyle Abbot. Tuition: $400. This is an enrichment course.

Physical Computing and Robotics: This two-week course combines computer science, programming, physical computing, embedded controllers, sensors, and robotics. Students will create multiple fun and exciting real-world projects every day. This course is applicable for both students new to robotics and those who have already taken a robotics course at George School. Instructors: Chris Odom and Brian Patton. Tuition: $400. This is an enrichment course.

All courses are offered online and students will need to have access to a computer and internet connection to participate. They begin in early July and last between two to four weeks. All coursework must be completed within the timeframe of the course. No work will be accepted past August 17, regardless of circumstances.

If you have questions about summer course enrollment please contact Registrar Val Fusco. Questions about financial aid should be directed to Mike Murray in our Admission Office.

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