George School Featured in Upcoming Documentary

George School is pleased to announce their participation in an upcoming documentary for Independent Television News (ITN) titled A Better World Through Education.

The one-hour documentary will feature International Baccalaureate (IB) schools across the globe and highlight the IB diploma program. George School will be featured during a four to five minute segment, in which the school’s unique two-year program will be highlighted. Head of School Sam Houser, IB Program Director Ralph Lelii, and three IB program alumni will be interviewed.

“We hope that the program will attract prospective families from across the world to visit George School, learn more about our accomplished alumni, and choose to be a part of our community,” says IB Coordinator Ralph Lelii. “Being one of the featured American schools in the documentary, we believe this opportunity will greatly impact our reach and reputation throughout the world.”

ITN Productions—the award-winning creative production arm of ITN, a British-based news and content provider, is managing the production. British news anchor Natasha Kaplinsky, will narrate the production, which will be filmed on campus later this month.

The success of George School’s IB program, longstanding commitment to community service, as well as the diversity of the student body appealed to producers, who researched several IB schools in the United States before selecting George School for the film.

The 2016–2017 school year was the fifth consecutive school year that 100 percent of George School IB Diploma candidates earned their diplomas, far surpassing the international average of 80 percent. “These remarkable achievements are a compliment to both the students and their teachers,” said Sam.

The film will debut in October during The Hague (the IB Global Conference) in The Netherlands. After the world premiere, the video will be available on the IBO website and on George School’s social media sites.

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