George School Joins Calls to Proclaim Juneteenth a National Holiday

Head of School Sam Houser shared the following message with the George School community:

Today, more than ever, an authentic Friends education must show its value to its proponents and the world. We must eagerly align our voices, our hearts and minds, and our mission as an educational institution with the ongoing and incomplete work of seeking justice for all.

With that in mind, we note that today, in celebrations across the country, Americans commemorate the end of slavery. While Juneteenth has been widely celebrated for many years, it has special resonance this year, and it has yet to become a national holiday.

Along with many others across the country, George School firmly adds its voice to the calls to proclaim Juneteenth a national holiday. We do so as an educational institution dedicated to the pursuit of truth and grounded in the everlasting commitment to see that of God in every person.

Moreover, we do so as an institution aware that the work of justice has demands that include but also go beyond creating this important national holiday. In creating better access to quality education, in creating police reform, and in striving for equality in economic opportunity, there is much work to be done. Similarly, for many of us this is a journey of personal growth and transformation in the name of what is right. It is demanding work, but so very worthwhile.

George School will continue to challenge itself to align our mission, our voices, and our commitments, with the cause of liberty and justice for all—this Juneteenth and every day.

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