George School Math is Top Ranked in Philadelphia

The George School Math Team closed out the Philadelphia Math League Challenge as the top ranked team with 91.4 percent correct and an average time of 1:59 per question. The team competed twice a week in the challenge during a busy fall term.

“This competition turned out to be more challenging than expected,” said Kevin Moon, team coach and head of the Math Department. “The team result is determined by the scores of the top five students. The members of this group changed from week to week. Correctly answering more than 90% of these outside-the-box questions in less than two minutes each requires an extraordinary level of focus and commitment.”

Pasit Jindanuwat ’20, Ellen Zhang ’21, and Justin Liu ’21 were among the top ten players in the competition. They were followed by Forest Ho-Chen ’22, Tommy Wang ’21, Ta Somsirivattana ’20, Linglong Dai ’23, Wilson Chen ’23, and Anney Ye ’20.

The other top five teams were Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (87.6 percent and 02:42), Westtown School (77.8 percent and 02:49), The Hill School (76.2 percent and 02:38), and The Haverford School (76.2 percent and 02:58). The other schools in the competition included Agnes Irwin, Baldwin School, The Episcopal Academy, Penn Charter, and The Shipley School.

Math Team members include Walter Chang ’23, Wilson Chen ’23, Linglong Dai ’23, Yichun Ding ’22, Forest Ho-Chen ’22, Steven Gao ’22, Ian Hopkins ’22, Bom Jindanuwat ’20, Leon Li ’20, Jason Liu ‘22, Justin Liu ’21, Michael Luo ’22, Carol Lu ’21, Peter Qi ’23, Ta Somsirivattana ’20, Yousuf Sajjad ’22, Zachary Spangler ’22, Spencer Stockhammer ’20, Vinay Thulasiram ’23, Tommy Wang ’21, Anney Ye ’20, and Ellen Zhang ’21.

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