George School Presents Something (not so) Rotten

The musical comedy Something Rotten! is heading to Walton Auditorium on Friday, March 4, and Saturday, March 5, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. The performance is open to the public with masks required and is free of charge. It is the second show of this theater season with the theme Faces of Love: A Tribute to the Bard. Watch the performance with this livestream link.

Set during The Renaissance in 1595, Something Rotten! follows Nick and Nigel Bottom, two brothers who are struggling to keep their acting company afloat during the heyday of William Shakespeare. Perturbed by the massive success of Shakespeare, the Bottom Brothers are incited to compete with the bard himself by writing the world’s first musical. What ensues is an over-the-top heap of fun-filled with extraordinary characters that will bring joy to everyone.

Krishell Williams ’23, who plays Nostradamus, says the emotion of playing such a larger-than-life character is an electrifying and fulfilling experience, “Once I hit the stage it’s like I’m hit with a shot of energy and happiness,” said Krishell. “The most rewarding part of it all is hearing about how much everyone who watches our performances loves what we work so hard to do. The theater is all about reaching the audience, and as long as one person goes back home feeling any emotion from what we just put on then we did our job!”

For Hana Oh ‘24, the whimsical humor and exaggerated characters are some of her favorite parts of the musical. More than that though, Something Rotten! is a cheerful artistic piece that will help bring people together given the current state of the world, “This show will be something that our school and everyone will need, a little bit of light and to have a good time … And to be immersed in a show, together.”

Head of the Arts Department and director Mo West had a similar sentiment when speaking about the play. She wants audiences to leave the show with a mix of joy and awe due to the sheer scale of the production, “Providing humor for people this year was definitely one of my goals in selecting the theme and the shows for this season. Entertainment for its own sake played heavily into my artistic decisions,” she said. “I definitely hope our audience will leave the building with a song on their lips, a bounce in their step, and a warmth in their heart.”

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