George School Repeats Success in Math Madness

Members of the 2016–2017 Math Team celebrated their success in the national Math Madness competition. (Photo by Bruce Weller)

The George School Math Team is off to a strong start in the 2017 Math Madness competition. At this time, with approximately four weeks of regular competitions remaining, they are ranked twelfth in the nation. Based on where the team places at the conclusion of those remaining matches, they will be placed in a ‘bracket’ and seeded, just like the college basketball tournament.

The rankings change week to week, depending on the team results. “Our team was ranked in fifth place at the start of the competition after winning their first competition 36-21,” said Math Department Head Kevin Moon, also the team faculty advisor.

Kevin hopes to see his team make it to the elite bracket. In 2016, George School took on Henry M. Gunn High School, a revered school from California. The competition was an unbelievable match, putting two powerhouse teams against one another. After thirty minutes of intense problem solving, the match was tied 40-40 and George School’s Top Ten Team was ahead 72-68. At the end of the competition, George School was ranked thirteenth in the competition of more than five hundred.

Current team members include Leo Li ’20, Arran Goldman ’21, Ellen Zhang ’21, Young He ’19, Maksim Shi ’20, Tommy Wang ’21, Justin Liu ’21, Bob Zhang ’20, Kerry Chen ’19, Larry Gong ’19, Ben Dorph ’18, Greg Levy ’18, Sumanth Maddirala ’18, Tony Tian ’19, Sam Shi ’18, Sophia Guo ’18, Jedd Tam ’18, Peter Zha ’20, Rex Zhang ’20, Jennifer Chang ’19, John Wang ’19, Martin Ma ’18, Quoc An ’19, Michael Lazzaro ’18, and Kalvis Jatnieks ’20.

Entering its fifth season as a joint initiative between American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) and AreteLabs, Math Madness is one of the premiere math competitions in the United States. In 2016, well over 500 schools and 10,000 students from across the country competed in the online league, tournament, and championship. 2017 Math Madness opened the week of October 1 and runs through the end of the fall.

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