George School Summer Academy Takes Students Undercover

Summer Academy students collaborate on a lab based activity. (Photo by Sara Rhodin ’02)

The 2017 George School Summer Academy—School of Spies (SOS), is taking children ages eleven to fourteen undercover to learn the world of espionage. Students enrolled in the two-week program are studying coding, investigative journalism, espionage history, and forensic science, combined with field-based activities like orienteering, scavenger hunts, yoga, and kayaking.

Taught by George School faculty, the program provides the opportunity to be engrossed in an intellectually enriching and engaging academic environment. George School’s SOS program introduces younger students to the creative, critical, and reflective thinking skills that are hallmarks of a George School education.

Sara Rhodin ’02 serves as director of the Summer Academy and is a member of the History Department faculty at George School. “I am so looking forward to sharing my favorite subject—espionage history—with Summer Academy students,” she said. “By engaging intensively with all facets of espionage, they will learn to understand an issue dominating newspapers from a scientific, historical, and cultural perspective.”

SOS program participant Saffron Buscemi 13, says she is enjoying the cryptography classes and learning to speak Russian. “The teachers are always willing to help us and the classes are helping me learn more about the possibility of becoming a crime scene investigator when I grow up,” she said. “A real FBI Agent came to talk to us and it was really cool to meet someone who does that type of work. We also get to do fun things on campus like swimming, go to the fitness center, and talk to George School students. I really want to come here for high school.”

The program runs through August 11.

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