George School Updates COVID-19 Response Plans

With many indications that COVID-19 will remain a pressing health issue and source of concern for some time, George School is taking steps to help keep our students and employees safe as well as mitigate any potential contagion throughout our greater community of families and friends.

Access to Campus
We have closed the George School campus. Because we are a residential boarding community, campus residents, a small number of international students unable to be home, and essential staff are allowed on campus. Vendors and the guests of campus residents are also allowed. Day students and domestic boarding students and their families are not allowed on campus. We have cancelled third party rentals of campus properties and our athletic facilities and fields are also closed.

Academic Program
We have moved George School’s academic program online. Details on the academic program are being communicated directly to students by the School Office. Students should expect to receive initial assignments the week of March 23, in alignment with the regularly scheduled beginning of Spring Term. Classes will begin in earnest the following week. Learn more about our online academic program:

Student Belongings
We are sending a survey to families to help us facilitate the return of items left on campus prior to break. We have prioritized items such as passports and I-20 forms. Decisions about the best way to return other personal possessions that remain on campus will be determined and communicated as soon as possible. We understand the importance of making sure that students are reunited with their possessions, and we are working diligently to create an effective plan with the highest safety standards in mind.

Health Protocols
We have created a Spring Break Travel Health Survey that anyone returning to campus must fill out as well as a health screening process. In addition, we have communicated that any person who has had direct exposure to someone with COVID-19 must self-quarantine and monitor for symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms (Fever over 100.4, cough, shortness of breath) stay home and contact your local healthcare provider.

Self-Quarantine for Campus Residents
Should the need arise, we have planned for the possibility that campus residents may self-quarantine on campus.

Social Distancing
We have instituted social distancing, suspended large gatherings, and will hold meetings virtually – in addition to bringing our academic program online and instructing many employees to work from home.

Work from Home
To limit the number of people on campus, we have distributed guidelines internally to employees outlinng who will be permitted on campus and who can work remotely. We have also communicated that these guidelines may change with additional emergency measures taken by the governor, and that further instruction will be communicated if necessary.

We have suspended school-related travel indefinitely.

We have instituted an intensive cleaning protocol for the campus over spring break and moving forward.

  • George School’s immediate community is being kept informed of specific information. In addition to staying in touch with the Deans’ Office, students, parents, faculty, and staff can find current information on our portal.
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