George School Welcomes Artist-in-Residence

George School is hosting a full-time studio artist, Heidi Kreitchet, for a six-week residency in the Hallowell Ceramics Studio. Heidi’s visit is part of a planned program to connect students with working artists and their varied artistic perspectives.

While at George School, Heidi is working with ceramics and sculpture students—interacting with them during classes, helping mix glazes and pug clay, and assisting with an outdoor wood-firing at the end of April. (Wood-firing is a particular focus of hers.) As Heidi creates her own work, students experience the unfolding of her artistic process and learn from her skills.

Originally from Philadelphia, Heidi has been actively wood-firing sculpture for 25 years. She received her BFA in ceramics from Northern Arizona University and an MFA from Utah State University under the guidance of John Neely and Dan Murphy. In 2011, she was asked by David Armstrong, Founder of the American Museum of Ceramic Art (AMOCA) to establish AMOCA Ceramics Studio in Pomona, CA, and later established RxR Gallery, also in Pomona.

George School has long been known for its excellent art programs and faculty, having been named an Outstanding Visual Arts Community by the Pennsylvania Art Education Association on multiple occasions. The residency program provides another way for the school’s student-artists to learn from professionals, beyond their artist-teachers and the professional art exhibited in campus galleries.

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