Georgian Spring/Summer 2022 Available Online

The Spring/Summer 2022 issue of the Georgian highlights the amazing work of our faculty as we embark on our new Signature Academic Program—a ground-breaking curriculum rooted in research about how students learn best, that realizes the goals of our strategic plan, and prepares our students to make their mark in the world. This issue is now available online.

As you read the stories in the “Perspectives” section, you will see common threads—immersive experiences, applied and interdisciplinary learning that makes real-world connections, varied perspectives (especially global ones), and a commitment to fostering choice, creativity, and citizenship.

If you could return to high school, imagine studying ancient storytelling alongside modern media coverage of the refugee crisis while visiting Greece. On campus, you could enhance your understanding of botany from a literary or technology perspective as well as a scientific one. Or engage in high-level math studies that elsewhere are reserved for the college level.

The “Features” section highlights our expanding program for scholar-athletes, the growth of student publications, both print and digital, and a report on Alumni Weekend 2022 with alumni back on campus. The issue also includes all-time favorites—”Campus News & Notes,” “Alumni Tell Us,” and “In Memoriam.”

We hope you enjoy reading these articles and that wherever you are, in the spirit of George School, you, too, are always learning.

Read the Georgian online.

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