Alumni and Student Newspaper Debuts

The George School Ides debuts in September 1900. It is a monthly newspaper published by the students in response to repeated demands from alumni who want to keep in touch with their school. The paper is supported by a fifty cent annual subscription fee and advertising from local merchants.

“The George School Ides makes its bow, hoping it may find favor in the eyes of the public. The students have thus far done their full share toward making the paper a success and if the encouragement already received be any indication of the interest the ex-students take in this enterprise, there is no reason why our venture should not have a permanent existence. We trust that our friends may be proud of the Ides and the Ides worthy of George School,” shared Frederic Griest ’01, editor-in-chief.

The September issue highlights athletic and club news and features a new English teacher, Mary Shoemaker. A “Jottings” column highlights weekend activities, assembly speakers, and general campus news. A plan to include alumni news in subsequent publications is announced.

The George School Ides is published through 1921. In 1922 the George School News arrives on the scene. It is published by current students for “the interest of students and ex-students” with an alumni editor. Publication ends in 1982. The next student newspaper is Curious George which was launched in 1990 and continues today.

The current alumni magazine is the Georgian which is first published in 1930 as a newsletter booklet. It included the Admission catalog in the beginning.