Campbell Dorm Built

The decision in the early 1990s to attach a dormitory to existing faculty housing (a building formerly known as Apartment House, built in the 1920s) makes practical sense and shows the willingness of the teachers to take on the task of overseers in return for a modest expansion of their own quarters.

The resulting building, the first dormitory built since 1903, is named for its donor, John B. Campbell II ’41. For decades, Johnny Campbell performs significant service for the school, as chairman of a development campaign in 1962; organizer and head of the first George School Advancement Committee, a subcommittee of the George School Committee; founding member of the George School Advisory Board; and significant donor. There are not many George School buildings without donated floor covering produced by Mannington Mills, the Campbell family firm.

The dorm’s dedication in May 1991 coincides with the 50th reunion of Campbell’s class.

Though Campbell is the furthest dormitory from Main building, a source of food among other things, it is that much closer to the eastern edge of the campus and a neighboring shopping center, another cherished source of food.