International Student Assembly Showcases Student Talents

Ann Yu ’21, Julie Chen ’18, Raven Zhan ’20, Sophia Guo ’18, Renata Liu ’20, Young He ’19, and Trista Yao ’20 sang an a capella version of “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky” during the International Student assembly. (Photo by Mia Brossoie ’18)

The International Student Assembly (ISA) highlighted the many talents of our international students. From dance, to instrumental music, to hip-hop, a capella, and a little magic, the assembly offered international students a chance to showcase their talents for the George School community. The assembly took place on Monday, December 18, 2017 in Walton Auditorium.

Each year, students design and conduct their own performances. It is a yearly tradition that takes dedication and preparation.

Sophia Guo ’18 and her a capella group started preparing in October for their performance of “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky.” Sophia shared that the group learned about each other by collaborating and working together.

“A capella is like magic. The moment it flows out perfectly and every melody matches well with each other, the singer knows that any effort is worthy,” Sophia said. “That was how I felt when we sang our song from the beginning to the end for the first time.”

When reflecting on the ISA assembly, Sophia said it was one of the highlights of her year. The assembly performance was special for Sophia because of the friends she made in her a capella group, seeing all of the other performances, and the memories they created together at George School.

“Thank you, GS, for creating a wonderful opportunity to let us unite.”

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