Julian Lentchner ’23 Selected for Drexel University High School Photo Contest

George School student Julian Lentchner ’23 has been selected to exhibit in the 2022 Drexel University High School Photo Contest. Julian took the photo titled, Sade & Syd, on South Lawn.

“This image is really about the intimacy of friendship and the power it can bring into people’s lives,” said Julian. “The photo is of two of my very close friends, and I wanted to capture their deep love and bond for each other. It’s always fun photographing friends because you can play around and experiment.”

The exhibition received over 3,000 photographs for entry, but only 116 were accepted. Students from twenty-five states are featured. It is the twenty-first year of the high school photo content and to date, more than 32,380 photographs have been reviewed for entry.

Congratulations, Julian!

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