Kevin Fox Brings Global Focus to Classroom

Kevin Fox, who has lived in Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Canada, Ireland, Austria, and Tanzania, teaches AP Human Geography. (Photo by Alyson Cittadino)

One of George School’s newest faculty members, Kevin Fox, brings a wealth of global experience and knowledge to the history department.

Kevin has lived in Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Canada, Ireland, Austria, and Tanzania. He is fluent in English and Spanish, but can carry a conversation in Guarani and studied Irish Gaelic. He spent two years in the Peace Corps where he helped diversify farming practices through beekeeping. He has herded sheep in Montana, taught Spanish in the United States and English in Bolivia. “These were my most formative years,” said Kevin. “Those experiences allowed me to see the realities of what I had learned firsthand. That is some of the best learning one can have.”

Kevin uses these experiences to help his students think more globally. “I have a homemade documentary about beekeeping in Paraguay that we watch when we learn about economic development in the developing world. I think seeing this brings extra texture to the classroom. You can’t be a global citizen without understanding the geography of the planet we call home,” he said.

The Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography class is now a requirement for all first-year George School students. The new requirement, according to Kevin, was designed to introduce global thinking right away—rather than wait until students are in their second or third year.

“Geography is not just about countries and capitals,” said Kevin. “I think that surprises a lot of students. Human Geography is an introduction to thinking about the interconnectedness of regions and understanding the political, social, economic, and environmental processes that shape who we are and what we do. As communities, as nations, and as humans.”

Kevin earned a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Connecticut and Master of Arts in geography from Ohio University. In addition to teaching four sections of AP Human Geography, he is an Orton dorm parent, world traveler, and devoted Huskies fan.

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