Laura Kinnel Challenges Puzzlers

George School faculty routinely challenge students to puzzle out complex concepts for deep, long-lasting learning. Recently, however, a longtime math teacher (and the director of studies) has taken the role of puzzle poser even further. Laura Kinnel has had two crosswords published in the Sunday New York Times, challenging the broader public to solve problems, too.

According to Caitlin Lovinger in “Wordplay,” the New York Times’s crossword column, Laura’s puzzles are “particularly nefarious and high-minded” and “deviously clever and demanding of a nimble mind.” (The same can be said of Laura’s teaching.)

Not surprisingly, “Down for the Count,” published December 22, 2019, has a math theme, while “What’s Shaking?” from March 8, 2020, references notable women in honor of International Women’s Day.

More than that we won’t tell, because a great deal of the fun in a good Sunday Times crossword is figuring things out for yourself (again, like a George School education).

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