New Spaces for Faculty Explorations of Technology

George School recently renovated two rooms to provide additional support for teachers’ professional growth. (Photo by Alyson Cittadino)

George School recently renovated two rooms to provide additional support for teachers’ professional growth. Academic Technology Integrationist, Howard M. Glasser, oversees both rooms. “The rooms serve multiple functions, acting as training, learning, and social spaces. They contain resources available in many classrooms on campus, as well as additional resources like Swivls, a Ricoh Theta, and virtual reality viewers, that teachers might wish to explore,” said Howard. “Teachers can work with me in groups, as an entire department, or we can talk one to one to learn about different tools and explore various ways to meet their learning goals. Teachers can use the new spaces to creatively explore different instructional approaches.”

Howard is excited to explore the new opportunities afforded by various tech tools with faculty members. He believes technology can serve as a tool for students to demonstrate their learning, share questions, and even engage in discussions with others around the globe and these new spaces offer a place for teachers to do just that.

The rooms were designed with a modern look that makes use of modular furniture to support flexibility so the space can be responsive to different needs. There are training tables and rolling chairs, all of which can be folded, rearranged, and reoriented to assist working with smaller or larger groups. Additionally, there are multiple cushioned chairs that can be placed in different formations to create a couch, discussion circle, or many other designs that can assist with conversations and creative thinking. Much of the furniture contains vibrant colors of orange or blue and the floor is composed of colorful yellow, blue, green, and orange carpet tile adding energy to the room.

The larger space, renamed the Technology Learning Center or TLC, has a Keurig with colorful mugs, providing opportunities for teachers to recaffeinate or just grab some tea and hot cocoa as they talk and discuss pedagogy. Howard shared, “I wanted the rooms to be welcoming spaces for faculty to come and talk about teaching, connect with colleagues, and collaborate across and within disciplines. They’re places where I hope to support people sharing ideas and learning more ways to support our students.”

Faculty are encouraged to visit the new rooms, located in the basement of Bancroft. Visitors may contact Howard to arrange a time or simply drop by throughout the day.

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