New Student Orientation

All new students are required to attend the George School New Student Orientation (NSO). The 2022 program is planned for Thursday, August 25 through Saturday, August 27. The program is led by Ben Croucher, NSO director, project-based learning faculty specialist, and History Department head.

What are the goals of New Student Orientation?

We have designed the program to welcome new students and prepare them for George School life. With all new students taking part, we create an inclusive community right from the start. Over the week, students will learn the skills and approaches that will help them thrive here. We will ask them to think across disciplines, to consider how they learn, and ultimately to answer the framing question: How is this NSO going to help me shine at George School?

What kinds of activities will there be?

Since we believe in educating students in mind, body, and spirit, the week will include academic, physical, and spiritual components. Students will take part in outdoor challenges, which will build not only physical fitness, but also teamwork, confidence, and problem-solving skills. Orientation will start and end with Meeting for Worship, an essential part of our culture as a Friends school.

What will the academic component be like?

Highlights of the program include a focus on mind, body, and spirit, and the first meeting for worship of the 2022-2023 school year. Students will gather in small groups that reflect the diversity of George School and that are facilitated by our student leaders. While details may shift as the dates get closer, classes led by George School faculty will likely cover:

  • Learning and the Brain
  • Intro to the Library and Research
  • How to Navigate Online Learning
  • Team Building Skills
  • Inclusion at George School
  • Introduction to the Fitness and Athletics Center
  • Yoga and Guided Relaxation
What will students do for fun?

Students will make friends with their new classmates through weekend activities. We will also take great advantage of the beautiful 240-acre George School campus with outdoor time and fun challenges. Boarding students will have additional time in the evening to bond with their peers.

What will the new student orientation do for students?

Beyond learning to navigate life on campus, the NSO will help students become familiar with the George School campus and surrounding area, develop important social connections, and begin to build the academic skills they need to have a successful first year.

Our Faculty

To history teacher Ben, a good education is more than academic.