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Varsity Math Team Takes First Place

The George School EniGmaS Math Team took first place in the Pennsylvania High School 1-1200 category at the international Purple Comet Math Meet. The team ranked 18th nationwide and took 26th place worldwide. The team outscored area competitors including The Episcopal Academy 21-16.

George School Welcomes Artist-in-Residence

George School is hosting a full-time studio artist, Heidi Kreitchet, for a six-week residency in the Hallowell Ceramics Studio. Heidi’s visit is part of a planned program to connect students with working artists and their varied artistic perspectives.

Silas Kennedy ’22 Offered IB Merit Scholarship

Silas Kennedy ’22 was offered an International Baccalaureate (IB) merit scholarship from George Washington University. The university automatically considers first-year applicants who are on track to graduate secondary school with an IB Diploma for the IB Scholarship. “This is an incredible honor,” said Silas. The four-year scholarship is for $13,000 annually or $52,000 in total.

George School Students Recognized at Research Competitions

Linglong Dai ’23 and Jimmy Ding ’23 were recognized at the Bucks County Science and Research Competition. Jimmy received an honorable mention in the environmental science category. Linglong placed third in mathematics and was subsequently invited to compete in the Delaware Valley Science Fair where she placed second.

IB Arts Students Share Their Work

George School students introduced their International Baccalaureate (IB) Arts Exhibit on Tuesday, April 12, 2022. The art show is a student-curated exhibit of each student’s work over their two-year IB Visual arts program during which students study multiple media while choosing one as their primary focus. Each exhibit was accompanied by an artist statement and a talk given by the student.

Celebrating Nancy Zurn Bernardini

Nancy Zurn Bernardini announced her plans to retire this year after her forty-four years at George School. Nancy was a pioneer and is known for her professionalism, patience, and wisdom. The sustained passion she has…

George School Students Receive 38 Scholastic Writing Awards

George School students received thirty-eight prizes for their writing in the 2022 Philadelphia Region Scholastic Arts & Writing Awards. Seven were Gold Key Awards, nine Silver Key Awards, and twenty-two Honorable Mentions. There were approximately 1,500 submissions in the Philadelphia area this year, and the Gold Key represents the top 5 percent of submissions.

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