Frequently Asked Questions about Back-to-School

George School will open with options for in-person instruction in the fall, which includes bringing both boarding and day students to campus. Families also may choose a full distance learning option if their child is unable to come to campus. Below are some of the frequently asked questions families have asked about our plans and the answers.

How will New Student Orientation take place?

NSO will be a combination of online and in-person. New families will receive information about the programming shortly. It’s important to George School that our new students have the time and ability to make new friends and connections throughout the community.

Can my day student attend morning classes online from home, but participate on campus in the afternoon?

Yes. We are working on the exact times of arrivals and departures for this option, but day students will be invited to stay home to do class work and then come to campus in the afternoon so long as they select the “on-campus” option.

Will teachers be present in the classroom with students during the in-person afternoon sessions?

Yes. Teachers will be present for the 2:15 to 3:30 p.m. sessions. However, because boarding and day students will be separated for these sessions, sometimes students will work with a different teacher. Teachers of two different classes may pair up so that one supervises boarding students while the other supervises day students.

If we choose distance learning, will my student have access to the on campus activities, labs, etc.?

No. These sessions provide time for teachers and students who are on campus to meet together in person. There is no synchronous online component. Families that wish to participate in any of these sessions must choose the in-person option.

Teachers will supervise a variety of programming ranging from study halls to discussions, outdoor activities to problem-solving, and independent work. In general, the work being done during this time will not be part of the graded work for the course. However, there may be some work that takes place during an in-person session that a faculty member feels is important for online students to have a version of. In those cases, they will provide an alternative asynchronous activity for students choosing online learning.

Day students who choose the on-campus, in-person option can decide on a day-by-day basis whether to come to school on that day.

Will transportation be provided for my day student?

Unfortunately, George School will not offer the same transportation to and from school that we have in previous years. However, we encourage families to safely participate in carpools. Some transportation by local school districts might still be provided and information will be shared as it becomes available.

Will day student meals be provided?

Lunch will be provided to all day students on campus. Breakfast and dinner will not.

How will lunch for day students work?

Lunch will be delivered to the spaces where day students are doing their synchronous work.

What will dining service look like for boarding students?

Additional dining spaces will be set up on campus, including a large tent outside of Main building. Meals will either be served by trained staff members or provided in a pre-packaged fashion. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available for boarding students.

Can you explain the student life experience for my boarding student?

Things will look different this year, but we are committed to keeping our boarding students entertained and engaged. Dorm staff is placing an emphasis on bonding the floors as family units. There will be no off campus trips or activities.

Can my boarding student go off campus during the fall?

No. Students will not be permitted any off-campus travel, including traveling home, walking into Newtown, or to Summit. Emergency situations or medical appointments are an exception. Boarding students may order food in the evening and on weekends and have it delivered to campus. Parents will be permitted to visit their child on-campus when prior arrangements are made.

Can I visit my boarding student?

Yes! While students will not be permitted to travel home, families will be allowed to visit their student on campus so long as the visit is pre-arranged, and all family members follow George School’s social distancing policies.

How will physical distancing work in dorms?

Students will be asked to wear a mask in all shared spaces of dorms. Masks will not be required when in assigned rooms. Additionally, boarding and day students will be kept mostly separate and boarding students must stay in their own dorms—no mingling of dorms will be permitted.

What if we want to change status from day student to boarding student or vice versa?

Students interested in changing from Day to Boarding status or from Boarding to Day status should request a change by emailing enrollment@georgeschool.org.

Will there still be laundry service and/or access to the laundry facilities?

Yes. The regular laundry service will still be available, and the laundry facilities for students to do their own laundry will also operate, but students must follow the assigned schedule.

Can boarders leave campus to take the SAT?

We have an on-campus SAT scheduled for Saturday, September 23 for seniors only. Students must be registered by August 20. Please reach out to your child’s college counselor for more information.

A survey will be sent to families and students soon, asking if the student is scheduled to test at another institution. Its pivotal that anyone with an appointment at another school to take the SAT complete that survey.

How will service learning look this year?

We expect to have no service trips this year. Students that are on campus will have co-op, not shift. Service hours have been reduced from 65 to 25 hours.

What is the latest information about athletics?

Per the Governors recommendations, fall sports are cancelled. We are designing a program where students can gather together with their team and train after school from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. Coaches will continue to keep day and boarding students separate.

How will we help athletes with college recruitment?

We will be helping student athletes create videos that they can edit and send to colleges along with their applications.

Can I come to campus to watch my child’s sport team practice?

Unfortunately, no. Parents cannot watch our teams practice and must remain in their cars when coming to campus to pick up or drop off their child from practice.

What does the reduced tuition rate for online learning mean for students receiving financial aid?

If a family is receiving financial aid and are paying a rate that is less than the online distance learning tuition, they will continue to pay their normal rate. Discounted tuition rates will not change.

What measures is GS taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

We will require all community members to monitor and report their health daily. Additionally, everyone is required to wear masks, wash hands frequently, and maintain six-feet of distance whenever possible. Changes have also been made to the Student Health and Wellness Center to provide space for students that require isolation. George School is also taking steps to improve air circulation throughout campus.

Will George School offer testing for COVID-19?

At this time, George School plans to offer rapid testing, but does not have access to tests. Tests are being allocated to health care facilities and elder care centers. If a student appears symptomatic, the Student Health and Wellness Center will work with the Bucks County Department of Health to have the student tested at a testing facility in Bucks County.

What are the COVID-19 hot spots in Pennsylvania?

The current COVID-19 hotspots identified Pennsylvania are listed here.

If I have another question, who should I ask?

For additional information or questions please contact director of alumni and parent engagement, Elizabeth Schwartz.