COVID-19 Updates

Updated May 5, 2022

George School will return to mandatory indoor masking beginning with the start of school on Friday, May 6, 2022. Over the last few days, at least 16 students have tested positive for COVID-19. The Student Health & Wellness Center (SHWC) is working very hard to keep up with the demand for tests, and we again have some students isolated on campus.

If your child tests positive for COVID-19, please contact the Student Health and Wellness Center Director Joellen Gillon at jgillon@georgeschool.org so that she can keep track of the infection rate on campus.

The Pandemic Response Team weighed the situation with our isolation beds, the demands on the SHWC, and the importance of AP and IB exams to our students. If students miss those exams, which some already have, it is very hard to make them up—putting a great deal of stress on the students and our colleagues who are trying to help them. We also all want our students to enjoy as normal an end to the year as possible, with a joyous senior week, the Senior Dinner Dance, and Commencement. Suppressing the infection rate on campus now will hopefully mean fewer students have to miss the end of the year because they are in isolation. We continue to monitor the situation with the intention to lift the requirement when the pressures on our isolation spaces and the SHWC ease and infection rates on campus level off.

Our decisions about masking and other mitigation steps continue to be contingent on the caseloads in the George School community and the CDC COVID-19 Community Levels, as well as the recommendations of the Bucks County and Pennsylvania Departments of Health. We are seeking to strike a balance between protecting the health of community members while fostering a healthy and productive educational community.

Additional Information

Required COVID-19 Boosters

COVID-19 vaccinations are required for students and employees and we will require a COVID-19 booster vaccine for all eligible students and employees. This measure will further strengthen our community’s health and well-being and our ability to offer an in-person, George School education.

For international students: If you were vaccinated abroad with other COVID-19 vaccines you can get a booster shot if you are 12 years or older and you either:

  • Received all the recommended doses of a World Health Organization emergency use listing (WHO-EUL) COVID-19 vaccine, not approved or authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or
  • Completed a mix and match series composed of any combination of FDA-approved, FDA-authorized, or WHO-EUL COVID-19 vaccines.

If you meet the above requirements you can get a single booster shot of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at least 5 months after getting all recommended doses or completing a mix and match COVID-19 vaccine series.

Face Coverings

George School requires masks for all indoor locations. Please review the CDC website about selecting an effective mask.

Face Coverings for Athletes and FAC Visitors

Outdoor Sports/Activities: No masks are required. We welcome everyone’s choice to wear masks or go maskless.

Indoor workouts and team training sessions in the FAC or the Hayden Family Fitness Center: Participants may be unmasked during their workout, but are asked to be masked while moving through the FAC or any indoor area.

Spectators are permitted to attend athletic events on the George School campus. We ask that they wear a mask when inside buildings.

Transportation to and from George School athletic events: Athletes, coaches, and students and coaches will be masked. Windows will be open when weather permits.

Do You Feel Ill? Do You Feel Well?

Anyone feeling symptoms of illness–even mild–should not attend classes.

Anyone who feels symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should be tested. Boarding students should contact the Student Health and Wellness Center and day students should contact their health care provider.

Returning after COVID-19

Per CDC guidance, individuals with respiratory symptoms who test positive for COVID-19 can return to school 5 days after symptom onset, provided they are asymptomatic or have resolving symptoms (including resolution of fever) and will continue to wear a mask for 5 days. No additional tests are required for return to school.

Individuals with respiratory symptoms who test negative for COVID can return to school as soon as they have fever resolution, and their symptoms improve.

Athletes Returning

Athletes who have recovered from infection with COVID-19 are required to complete a gradual physical progression of activity with the Athletic Trainers and may not return to practice or games until completed.

Stage 1 (2 days minimum). Light activity for 15 minutes or less –walking, jogging, stationary bike.

Stage 2 (1 day minimum). Light activity with simple movement activities (e.g., running drills) for 30 minutes or less at an intensity no greater than 80% maximum heart rate.

Stage 3 (1 day minimum). Progress to more complex training for 45 minutes or less at an intensity of no greater than 80% maximum heart rate. May add light resistance training.

Stage 4 (2 days minimum). Normal training activity for 60 minutes or less at an intensity no greater than 80% maximum heart rate.

Stage 5. Return to full activity.

Additional Resources

Quarantine and Isolation. You quarantine and stay away from others when you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. You isolate when you are sick or when you have been infected with the virus, even if you do not have symptoms. The CDC provides detailed information on its website.

Centers for Disease Control: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Pennsylvania Department of Health: Coronavirus (COVID-10)

Bucks County Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center


The Pandemic Response Team continues to meet regularly to assess health and safety related to COVID-19 and to revise policies as needed. Should you have any questions or observations for this group, please let the team know by contacting these members:

Parents: Ginny Waller gwaller@georgeschool.org

Students: Pippa Rex prex@georgeschool.org

Employees: Danette Crockett dcrockett@georgeschool.org