Pranav Sabapathi ’22 Makes a Legacy with Legos

George School junior, Pranav Sabapathi ’22, was recognized with the Army of One Award at the 2020 Legacy Summit held by The Thirst Project after raising nearly $30,000 for their charity.

For almost a decade, Pranav has honed an expert eye for Lego sets, buying them for retail and later reselling them for profit once the set “retires.” Pranav donates 100 percent of the profits that he makes to nonprofit organizations. To date, he has made contributions totaling over $100,000.

Pranav first heard of Thirst Project at a George School assembly during his freshman year, and was quickly attracted to their cause. The organization aims to provide safe drinking water in developing communities by constructing wells. Their larger goal is to “end the global water crisis” with the help of young people like Pranav.

In addition to recognizing his efforts, the organization plans to bring Pranav along on a trip to eSwatini, where he can personally see the work being done with the money he donated. Of the trip, Pranav said, “I feel this is going to be a tremendous experience and even more significant than the awards.”

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