Abra and Bruce Gorby P ’23, ’23

Last year as parents of twin freshmen, Abra and Bruce Gorby jumped right into George School. They were keen to get involved and wanted to meet other parents and students. In addition to attending Parent Association meetings, Abra volunteered for the cookie and candy drop and they hosted two international students during spring break.

Abra and Bruce also supported the School by making a gift to the George School Fund. They embrace the concept of joyful philanthropy and encouraged their children, Charlie ’23 and Sam ’23, to begin to establish their own tradition of giving to George School. Charlie and Sam each made a gift last February during the Great Green Give, the day of giving at George School.

“Giving is a joyful act. It makes us feel closer to those around us and that we are part of something bigger,” said the Gorbys. “By giving to George School, we believe we are having a lasting impact. If we want the world to change, we need to feed the young with ideas and philosophy. We need to inspire. Students can change the future by learning from the past. By embracing the Quaker values of social justice, they can enact change where needed. “As parents, we give a gift to George School in addition to the two tuitions because we want to be certain George School has what they need when they need it. Tuition pays for expenses; donations help enhance the experience for all students.”

Their keen sense of philanthropy is vital. Abra and Bruce have come to understand that every culture has a concept of doing for others (i.e. the golden rule Tikkun olam, tithing, volunteering, or just listening and helping) and want Charlie and Sam to do the same. “We lead by example, and now our children give freely of themselves to make the George School community stronger.”

The Gorby family reminds us of the power of philanthropy and that you can give and get involved at any age. We are grateful for their leadership and commitment to George School.