Annie Borovskiy ’20

Langhorne, PennsylvaniaHigh Point University
Three-sport athlete Annie develops friendships and fitness at George School.

How have George School athletics had an impact on you?

Growing up I was always involved in sports and knew I wanted to play sports in high school. Athletics at George School helped me meet people who are now my best friends. It started my freshman year when I was introduced to the rest of the field hockey team. The team has such a special bond which formed as a result of team activities during preseason. The girls and coaches push me to be the best I can be on and off of the field.

Playing a sport every term allows me to interact with new people that I don’t always see or talk to in classes or around campus. Also I spend a lot of time at the Fitness and Athletics Center, which is a great place not only to work out and train, but to socialize and hang out with friends. Athletics are a really important part of my GS experience, and I am glad I have met my friends on my field hockey, basketball, and softball teams!

What is one of your favorite classes?

Chemistry with Becky Hutchins was interesting because the labs were exciting and fun, especially one called Elephant’s Toothpaste, where we learned how different elements form a foaming reaction.

More about Annie:

When she isn’t on the fields or the courts, Annie is active in Art for Relief and ROAR (Reaching Out for Animal Rights).