AriAnna Thomas ’19

Tuskegee University
What AriAnna got out of woodworking took many forms: knowledge, passion, confidence, and a beautiful coffee table.

What area of art did you choose to study while at George School?

I chose woodworking as my art because I thought it would be great to make furniture that I could place in my own house. This class  opened my eyes about which types of wood are better to work with than others and how being precise can make a difference.

I was proud of the coffee table I designed from a beautiful piece of cherry wood. It showed the hard work and dedication I put in to make my table look presentable.

I also had fun with the teacher, who was also my advisor. He is hilarious.

What was it like to board?

It was a very vibrant experience to live in the dorm. If you have never had a sibling before, you will receive some when you arrive, and you can feel free to be yourself.

More about AriAnna:

In addition to being varsity volleyball captain, a peer group leader, and a tour guide, AriAnna also found time to get involved in the 2019 Executive Committee, UMOJA, Model UN, and Women of Color.