Ashleigh Curry ’20

Ewing, New JerseyUniversity of Virginia
The support of friends you don’t even know is what turns “student body” into “community” for Ashleigh.

Is there a class that made a big impact on you?

History has always been my favorite topic, but I especially love the way the history department at George School approaches content. Instead of focusing on names and dates, the teachers emphasize contextualization and how past events have left an impact on our modern world. My favorite class was sophomore-year AP World History, which opened my eyes to this method. It is how I want to continue to explore and learn about history.

Describe an exciting moment at George School.

My favorite moment at George School was Live Music Weekend my freshman year. I watched upperclassmen and underclassmen unite to support their peers on stage. When my best friend, Camille, went up to perform as a nervous ninth grader, she was met with love and support. At the end of her performance, the crowd screamed with excitement and clapped so loudly; I knew I had found the community I wanted to be in forever.

More about Ashleigh: Ashleigh is busy! In the IB Diploma Program, she is a day student prefect; co-captain of the varsity girls’ soccer team; co-leader of Art for Relief and the Thrift Store, two clubs that raise money for charitable organizations; and a member of Argo (the literary magazine), LASO (Latin American Student Organization), Social Justice Club, Model UN, and the Body Project. She also served as a costume director for two school productions and went on a service learning trip to Costa Rica over the summer.