Ashley Silver ’18

New Hope, PennsylvaniaWake Forest University
Ashley grew from a nervous freshman to a confident student and athlete.

What did you learn from George School sports?

I played varsity volleyball and basketball. Having been an athlete all my life, I was well aware of the importance of teamwork and communication. However, it wasn’t until George School that I realized how much a team can bond and accomplish when working together. I felt we could achieve any goal we set, no matter how high, because we were supportive and determined—a team full of love, not only for the game but for one another.

The psychological aspect is a large factor affecting performance, and as a freshman on varsity teams, I was playing against both older and stronger players. Although being the only freshman on the court was intimidating at first, my teammates made me feel confident. They proved that age isn’t a barrier and does not determine your physical abilities or even the social aspect of high school. They turned me from a nervous freshman to a confident young athlete, which made for an unforgettable season and lifelong friendships.

What was an important part of your George School experience?

Our community. I walked around campus every day greeted by friendly smiles and warm hugs. It felt incredible knowing that I had this amazing extended family to fall back on whether I was going through a tough time or just needed people to talk to.

More about Ashley:

Ashley continued to play volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse. A member of Model UN and the Body Project, she also added Junior State of America (JSA), the Investing Club, and Women’s Issues Now (WIN) to her many activities her senior year.