Bella Storie ’21

Ewing, New JerseyHaverford College
For Bella, every class—and every experience—teaches something different.

Describe some of the classes you took last year and their impact on you.

I really enjoyed the classroom setting of Intensive Algebra 2, which promoted engagement and discussion. I was challenged, and when problems arose, I consulted with my teacher to figure them out. That class prepared me for Intensive Precalc and has given me a good base for my physics class.

I also took Intensive Biology and Robotics. I went into the class knowing absolutely nothing about robots, programming, or anything computer related, but I wanted to challenge myself. I found out that I really enjoy programming and building robots, and it has inspired me to take up computer science and astronomy.

I have been involved in the dance program since my freshman year. It is one of the things I love most about George School. It allows me to express myself through movement and music, and has given me the opportunity to work alongside so many talented individuals, gain stage presence, and choreograph for groups of dancers.

More about Bella:

“Before GS, I would have never imagined myself as…,” says Bella, discovering that there’s a first time for many things at George School, from being on the cheer team to attending the Climate Change Strike in Philadelphia, “an engaging and uplifting experience that inspired me to work hard to change the world.” Bella is working toward the IB Diploma and finds that her classes encourage her to be “open minded about the world around me.” She and a friend launched Speak Up!, a club that promotes confidence building and public speaking.