Carol Lu ’21

Shanghai and Beijing, ChinaBrandeis University
Carol discovered a common thread that ties together her teacher, her teammates, and her roommates: support.

Is there a teacher who made a big impact on you?

Freshman year, when I had just gotten to a strange environment and was used to speaking a very different language, Shantel helped me tremendously. She supported me in English class and outside the classroom, too. I could always go talk to her and feel reassured that I would get through any difficulties.

What lessons have you learned on a team?

I have been playing tennis for more than seven years and am on the varsity girls’ tennis team. It has made me realize the importance of being a team player and taught me how to support my teammates.

What is it like to live in a dorm?

Living in the dorm means learning how to compromise and build friendships. I have always gotten along with my roommates, and I feel lucky to have them, as we are there to support each other.

More about Carol:

Carol calls film her favorite art. At George School, she has taken film since she arrived and is currently in the IB film class. In Shanghai, she and friends formed a club to teach children in poor villages Chinese, math, English, and art. While there she also filmed documentaries and took pictures for the children to keep. She also works on the yearbook and takes part in the Salted Tree (podcast club) at George School as well.