Chloe Hannah-Drullard ’16

Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaKenyon College
Freshman year, Chloe realized that upperclassmen are not so scary.

How do you think George School prepared you for life after graduation?

I think the biggest way George School helped me prepare for “real life” is that it taught me to never be afraid to try. That applies to everything—if I see an opportunity out there somewhere for which I may or may not be qualified but about which I feel very passionate, I will never hesitate to try because GS made me believe I am capable of rising to the challenge.

What was your favorite extracurricular activity at George School?

Acapocalypse, our a capella club, was the highlight of my week. I’m well rounded in my interests, but I choose music over everything, and a capella was perfect for me. Perfect except for… “Who are all these tall people?”

Entering my first club meeting, I discovered that I was the only freshman, and a wee shy one at that. I had been the oldest eighth grader in my class of ten, and now I was no longer top dog. There were big, scary upperclassmen!

I soon realized my fears were totally irrational. A senior said, “Hi! I’m Theresa. Welcome to this absolute madness.” We then did warm-ups where we “channeled our inner beluga whale” and “made noise like the TARDIS.” I realized that those big, scary upperclassmen were just silly Georgians who happened to be a little taller and a tad wiser. I figured out that pretty much every big, scary upperclassman is just as friendly as my newfound “Aca-people,” and that George School, while academically challenging, is a place for hugs and sticky buns, not fear.

More about Chloe:

Chloe is currently an English major at Kenyon College in Ohio. While at George School, Chloe was an enthusiastic participant in the Anime and Outdoor clubs, and also enjoyed playing the violin in the orchestra.