Clifford Anderson ’88

George School helped Clifford compose not only his music, but also himself.

How is your George School education reflected in your career?

The broad range of experiences at George School is part of my professional arc. There I could go as far as I wanted with math, English, history, computer science, social justice, in addition to the art and craft of music. To be better as a creator and as a collaborator means to always be working on myself. At a certain point, you can’t go much further without looking at how you can be a better person. It’s challenging work. It requires people skills, technical skills, business skills, as well as the creative craft of actually writing music. And I love it.

More about Clifford:

In 2002, Clifford took a position helping to create and run Berklee College of Music’s groundbreaking online music school, granting him access to a robust film scoring program, leading to freelance arranging and composing projects. A turning point came in 2015 when he devoted himself full-time to composing. Clifford has composed for varied media, including virtual reality, art installations, and video games. He is especially proud of his work on Through the Place (2016), an award-winning documentary about architectural preservation and restoration in Pittsburgh.