Debbie DiMicco ’72

Language and English DepartmentsFaculty, Coach
Debbie—teacher, coach, service trip leader—sees connections among them all.

How do you see your roles as teacher and coach? 

The beauty of being a teacher at George School is that while I get to teach what I love to students, I also get to learn and know more as I go. Knowledge and understanding are not finite for them or for me.

As a former long-time coach, I consider myself both a teacher and a coach in the classroom. I am there to inform, to guide, to hone skills, to encourage confidence and to foster a growth mindset.

I believe that it is not necessary to be intense and serious all the time. Learning happens in many ways and sometimes it is disguised in playful clothing. Activities that are fun, or even absurd, keep students engaged, relaxed, secure, and willing to take risks. Taking chances, having the courage to make mistakes, and having the determination and confidence to learn from those mistakes are springboards to greater understanding and ultimate mastery.

What about George School has not changed since you were a student?

My time as a George School student was quite a while ago, but the care teachers show for students remains unchanged.

More about Debbie:

Debbie returned to teach at George School in 1979 after receiving a BA from Swarthmore College and an MA from Middlebury College. She teaches both French and English and combines the two as a leader of a long-standing exchange program between George School and Lycée Alfred Kastler in France. Debbie also loves to sing.