Eden McEwen ’17

University of California, Berkeley
Eden began her journey as a multi-faceted learner in George School’s IB Diploma Program.

How have your academic experiences at George School impacted your college life?

My experience at George School influenced my decision to seek out my unique education. I fell in love with the humanities while I was at George School. I joined a literary club. I got to do a creative writing class. I found a love for history and writing and art. My love of the arts made my college decision a little tougher because I wanted to find a balance between a computer science program and a humanities program.

My IB credits have certainly helped make my current degree path easier; when you graduate with an IB Diploma, Berkley considers it twenty credits, so it was a sixth of the credits that I needed. An unexpected benefit of the IB Diploma was the bond that it created between me and other IB graduates. I can connect with people at my college in different ways because we both took Theory of Knowledge or because we took the same higher-level classes. Just thinking about the IB program makes me smile. I really do identify my education with the IB. I don’t think I could be the same type of student without it.

More about Eden:

Eden is currently a student at the University of California, Berkeley on a unique degree track which will result in a bachelor of arts degree in computer science. She has tried to replicate the close-knit feel of George School by surrounding herself with supportive people in college. She lives in a dorm with approximately forty other women all pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. In addition to her college studies, she is also working as a junior developer with USAePay.