Elizabeth Medich ’21

Lawrenceville, New Jersey Pennsylvania State University
Liz’s equestrian coaches provided the boost she needed to ride well.

Is there a class that made a big impact on you?

I walked into my art class, stagecraft, not knowing anything about woodworking or set building, and now I have extensive knowledge not only of woodworking, but also of designing and lighting a set. The class has made me more independent and has made me appreciate the theater productions on an even greater scale.

What was your most interesting class?

Last year, it was AP World History. My teacher kept the class focused on the topic and engaged with the material. He made me think about the connections between different historical events. Now I appreciate my history courses even more.

What lessons have you learned on a team?

On the equestrian team, I went from not having ridden for six years to relearning the sport to joining varsity. My coaches have had a huge impact on me, and the varsity coach, Tiffany, has helped me both in the saddle and outside of practice. I learned quickly, because my coach tailored my riding experience to me, teaching me in a way that I understood. I also learned to persevere when faced with challenges.

Describe a quintessential George School moment.

Seeing new students playing Four Square with returning students on Red Square in the first few days of school!

More about Liz:

An IB Diploma candidate, Liz has been a member of the swim team as well as the equestrian team. She enjoys working on sets for school plays.