Eloise Grossman ’21

New Hope, PennsylvaniaNortheastern University
Eloise enjoys her challenging courses at George School.

Is there a class or classes that made a big impact on you?

I love all of the IB and AP courses I have taken, and I am super into English, art, and history.

In my IB painting and drawing course, I have learned a lot about different techniques and forms of painting that I never knew about before.

My most interesting class last year was AP World History. All of my history classes leading up to it were focused on North American history, so it was nice to learn about cultures throughout the world and how the world came to be how it is today.

I also doubled up on math last year, which was an interesting experience. I thought it would be more intimidating because geometry and algebra II are so different, but it actually was not that hard.

More about Eloise:

Enjoying her positions as a tour guide and peer group leader, Eloise has been involved in many campus activities: Model UN, Challah (Jewish) Club, Art for Relief, the newspaper, and the prom committee.