Emaline Brangan ’21

Pineville, PennsylvaniaUniversity of Pittsburgh
Whether getting her hands dirty or learning about hands themselves, Emaline enjoys the sciences at George School.

Describe an interesting science class you took.

This year, I am taking two science classes: IB Biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology. Both are very engaging. In biology, we took a trip to Island Beach State Park, where we ran a number of physical and chemical tests. I expanded my knowledge of ecology, and I had so much fun. In human anatomy, we used manikins to learn the bones in the body. I have learned so much already!

Is there a teacher who made a big impact on you?

My advisor, Laura Kinnel, is there to help me anytime that I need it. She helps with questions about my classes [she is the director of studies as well as a math teacher] and with the little things that are going on in my life.

More about Emaline:

A peer group leader, peer counselor in SAGE, and member of the Vocal Ensemble, Emaline has played lacrosse and field hockey for the Cougars since freshman year. She considers both teams like families.