Ephraim Benson ’17

Carleton College
Whether in math class or Improv Club, Ephraim enjoyed exploring the unknown.

How do you think George School prepared you for college?

My time at George School made me aware of my passions and respectful of my limits. I got excited about every new class and student group, but I quickly learned that there weren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. As a result, I identified the things I was truly passionate about and willing to commit my time towards. I found my computer science and video production classes to be incredibly rewarding; they determined my areas of study in college and will likely continue to influence me in my career.

What was one of your favorite classes?

Walking into HL Precalculus was always an unknown. We never knew what exciting new topics we’d be discussing, and I always left class with that ‘whoa, mind blown’ feeling.

What was your most interesting activity outside of class at George School?

I co-led the Improv Club since my sophomore year. Improv requires throwing inhibition out the window and devoting yourself to the absurdity of a scene. It was a great escape from academics. The first few weeks were always a blast because we got a lot of new students, and it’s great to help them step outside their comfort zones.

More about Ephraim:

Ephraim appreciated George School’s varied experiences. He took a mix of IB and AP classes, was a Lead Tour Guide and senior Peer Group Leader, traveled to Nicaragua for a service trip, played lacrosse, and explored theater, video, and woodworking for art. Ephraim is attending Carleton College with a double major in computer science and cinema and media studies.