Faith Friendshuh ’20

New Hope, PennsylvaniaJuniata College
From choreography to cheerleading, Faith explores the wide world of dance at George School.

What was your most interesting class?

My English class, IB HL World Literature, was one of my favorite classes. We talked about impactful people in literature, including Walt Whitman and Jorge Luis Borges. I enjoy their writing styles, and class discussions and homework were interesting. After learning about Argentinian culture and reading an Argentinian author, I also got to go to a tango lesson in Philly.

What lessons have you learned on a team?

Being on the fall and winter varsity cheerleading teams has made me a more confident person. Practices are energetic and motivating, and I have learned how to be flexible and take corrections easily so I can improve. (Always respect your coaches!) The team is so supportive of each other.

Describe an exciting moment at George School.

Being a leader at New Student Orientation was one of the most exciting opportunities I have had at George School. I liked being always on call and ready to adapt to different situations. I got to know new students and work with adults and peers in new ways. It was an exciting week.

More about Faith:

An IB Diploma candidate and day student prefect, Faith is involved in dance in varied forms at George School. She has taken dance since freshman year, experimenting with different dance styles, choreographing, and performing in the Holiday Dance Assembly and Dance Eclectic. She is also a leader of the Dance Club and the dance captain for her cheerleading squad.