George Long

Boys’ Athletic DirectorHistory Department, Coach
George enjoys teaching, and coaching, a variety of student-athletes united by one uniform.

Describe your teaching style.

I like to have fun while discussing what are sometimes very sensitive topics. In the first part of the term, I instruct more while we learn together. In the second part, I allow students to begin informing more, and in the third part, I give them the reins and let their interests direct us. I consistently refer to our class, not my class.

Is there a moment in a class that stands out?

It is always the moment when students begin to naturally and healthily debate topics connected to African-American history that are manifesting themselves in today’s society. Students begin to make connections and can sense the impact of their participation on their learning.

What do you like to do outside the classroom?

I coach all three seasons, so much of my outside-the-classroom time is spent “inside” another classroom. I love working with our students—whether helping our top athletes develop so they can realize their potential and be recruited by colleges or helping interested kids improve over a season or three years. Watching an athlete compete in an important game or step into a role that the team needs (versus a role they wanted) is awesome. Mostly, I love seeing all types of kids from all over the world and with different ability levels competing with “George School” on their jerseys.

What is special about George School?

Being a student at George School means having people care about you and advocate for you: advisers, teachers, coaches, house parents, maintenance folks, dining hall folks. Because I am in athletics, I tell students they can have a positive, challenging experience regardless of their level of play. We love to and want to win, but we also realize how to keep things in perspective.

More about George:

With a BA from Bucknell University and an MAT from the College of New Jersey, George wears many hats (and helmets): history teacher, athletic director, and coach for football, girls’ basketball, and baseball.